These days my self-esteem was in tatters, they all seemed to mock me. There is no longer a sense of appreciation that makes me able to endure the cruel treatment of them on me. Should I stay on my mind now? I can not think, but one thing is for sure, I have regained my self-esteem. I had to recover from this slump. I have to go back to live and make all that I want in life. I have to show them that they are wrong to look down on me. But I was too afraid to do it all, if I could? They all who have hurt me, made me understand that there is no reliable but yourself. Friends are just friends not people who can sacrifice for us. All of this makes me disgusted with life but I’m still lost here, my life is full of falsehoods and vain. Will I get the purpose of this life? before I thought to stop everything. My feelings at this time no one will understand.

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