I do not want

What should I do to fix our relationship? because I do not want our relationship ended, at least give me a good reason, do not make me wonder in my life. I do not want to break up our friendship and become meaningless.

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I want

I want to shout loudly, I miss you, I want to talk with you, I want to tell you about all that I went through when you’re not by my side. You, really had forgotten me? feeling ignored by someone ..

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Another World

Like being in another world, that’s what I feel at this moment, do not have anyone to share the feeling, like going back to the beginning where all has not happened to me. Only a little time left before saying goodbye to all the fun and the sad, that ever happened in my life over the last few years, could me through this?

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New Hope

When I first saw you, I think I want to own you completely, although it is entirely beyond my reach, but I do not think it wrong to dream of getting you into mine. After all the things that make me upset, you suddenly appeared bringing new hope for me. Yes indeed a matter that I could not believe it, I fell in love at first sight, again. Even this time my hopes higher than usual, very annoying but also fun.

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Like a stranger like that is the relationship we have now, there are no words from both of us, when we met at the same time and same place, we were just strangers to each other.

There is no intention to ask what is wrong with you? what happened to our relationship? one step in life should I go through for me to survive and move on.

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For the second time you broke my heart, feeling pain I‘ve ever felt before, even I can not forget, you have made me smile through the day and that makes me survive to this day. But you also make me feel the pain of love, unrequited love. Why are you doing this to me? after all we’ve been through together, do not you feel happy when you’re with me? Really?

You are always saying I love you, I miss you, words that I would never hear again from you. Because you‘ve totally forgotten about me and all of our wonderful memories that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

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These days my self-esteem was in tatters, they all seemed to mock me. There is no longer a sense of appreciation that makes me able to endure the cruel treatment of them on me. Should I stay on my mind now? I can not think, but one thing is for sure, I have regained my self-esteem. I had to recover from this slump. I have to go back to live and make all that I want in life. I have to show them that they are wrong to look down on me. But I was too afraid to do it all, if I could? They all who have hurt me, made me understand that there is no reliable but yourself. Friends are just friends not people who can sacrifice for us. All of this makes me disgusted with life but I’m still lost here, my life is full of falsehoods and vain. Will I get the purpose of this life? before I thought to stop everything. My feelings at this time no one will understand.

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See You

Do not make me think to turn away from your heart. Because now there is someone who comes to fill my days with laughter when you are not there by my side. You do not remember me anymore, you’re getting away from me. I can no longer have you that is not for me. Should I say goodbye to you, see you in the next life . . .

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You and Me

Something happened, and I did not realize what it was, as if a part of me that refuses to accept that it has happened. You have changed and I realized that even though I still do not want to admit it.

What was the reason you changed your attitude, that’s what I’m most afraid of. I even act as if nothing happen, because I’m so afraid of losing you. You are saying that I was one of the most important in your life. To me you are the most important part of my life. It’s hard for me to pull away and disappear from your life.

I do not know what will happen in the future, I just want to live the present as well. I hope you also think the same with me.

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Forbidden Love

This time maybe I’ll cry all day!! I decided to delete my account on Me2day .. with a very heavy heart and it took many days before I decided to delete the account. I write this with tears, very hard to leave you, person I love in my life. But I’m afraid to fall in love too deeply to you and I can not returned. Even when my boyfriend left me without any explanation, I do not feel sad like this.

I really liked him someone else in my life, he is always waiting for me, he made my day cheerful. Now I can no longer see his smile, his laughter, he joked, to hear him say I love you, or when he said I miss you, for the first time in my life I feel very, very sad, because this love is forbidden love.

My tears flow, no matter how people around look at me weird, I was not able to resist this grief, I wish I disappear ..

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