See You

Do not make me think to turn away from your heart. Because now there is someone who comes to fill my days with laughter when you are not there by my side. You do not remember me anymore, you’re getting away from me. I can no longer have you that is not for me. Should I say goodbye to you, see you in the next life . . .

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You and Me

Something happened, and I did not realize what it was, as if a part of me that refuses to accept that it has happened. You have changed and I realized that even though I still do not want to admit it.

What was the reason you changed your attitude, that’s what I’m most afraid of. I even act as if nothing happen, because I’m so afraid of losing you. You are saying that I was one of the most important in your life. To me you are the most important part of my life. It’s hard for me to pull away and disappear from your life.

I do not know what will happen in the future, I just want to live the present as well. I hope you also think the same with me.

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Forbidden Love

This time maybe I’ll cry all day!! I decided to delete my account on Me2day .. with a very heavy heart and it took many days before I decided to delete the account. I write this with tears, very hard to leave you, person I love in my life. But I’m afraid to fall in love too deeply to you and I can not returned. Even when my boyfriend left me without any explanation, I do not feel sad like this.

I really liked him someone else in my life, he is always waiting for me, he made my day cheerful. Now I can no longer see his smile, his laughter, he joked, to hear him say I love you, or when he said I miss you, for the first time in my life I feel very, very sad, because this love is forbidden love.

My tears flow, no matter how people around look at me weird, I was not able to resist this grief, I wish I disappear ..

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I’m sorry honey

Lately I am feeling increasingly uncertain, between want and do not want to, but felt extreme pain in the chest and felt butterflies fly in my stomach. I realized if liking someone does not mean that person should have. But still it would feel sad and unhappy because of it. Moreover, I know that what I did was wrong but still I did, because I’m losing my mind after falling in love with you, someone who I can not have. I fell in love with someone else, I’m sorry honey.

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My Love

Now I really had a lover, a very thrilling and exciting, even though we were dating long distance but he was very nice and loves me. We just dating a few weeks, I remember on 23 March, 2013, he says will you be my girlfriend? If you do not like me, you may leave me.

It was the happiest and most beautiful day of my life, even after that I feel the beauty of falling in love and fear of abandonment. Even though sometimes I was jealous and anxious if he really loves me? but he assured me that I was the only one he loved and I was the best in the world for him. Very sweet and playful attitude that makes me more and more in love with him.

I hope our relationship will running long, I know it is not easy to undergo long-distance relationship, but I’ll try my best. Because I love him so much.

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Why love is painful? the more I love you, the more I feel pain in my heart, even now you’d be mine but I still feel anxious and nervous because I do not know what is in your heart.

You’re still in love and expecting her? women who really you love, you want to have as a girlfriend. Even though you say love me, but I still do not believe you’ve forgotten her. Jealousy makes me helpless because I love you ..

You like having two personalities, sometimes makes me confused with that attitude. Because I do not want to lose you, I’m trying to hold out until the end. I hope you also love me like I love you.

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The unrequited love

One new thing I learned that I’ve been misunderstood in interpreting all the kindness I received from him. Indeed, I felt embarrassed and very upset because of all that has happened is not his fault but my fault.

Myself who mistook kindness of him who only think of me as a friend, nothing more than that. I’m sorry that makes you uneasy in dealing with feelings of love from me. That you can not see me as a lover but just see me as a friend.

I want you to forget all this misunderstanding, so I can continue to move forward to live my life as usual. I am a fool, to expect love from you, once again I’m really sorry.

Also I want to thank you because of you I can feel the love for the first time in my life, and I’m still hoping you’ll fall in love with me one day, on another occasion.

The unrequited love ..

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Worst day of my life

Worst day of my life, that I had taken into the game by someone who makes me fall in sadness. Why am I so stupid, that be easily manipulated by him, really I feel so ashamed .. but nothing I could do but cry and hope this all is not true .. I hope this is just a nightmare and I would soon wake up from this nightmare without memory .. what had happened to me .. I cried to myself, can not say do not break my heart? please do not leave me alone .. I was powerless to make you come back to me .. I want to disappear forever from your world ..

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Love ..?

Love, why only now I feel the feeling of love? is it too late for me to start a relationship based on love? feeling of wanting to know more about a person’s life.

Because of this feeling was a new experience for Me, a sense of longing, jealousy, fear of losing, feelings of love and loving.

Is this really the path specified for Me? how I should live it with joy or undecided? but I hope to get to know each other. Let all go, as time continues to spin ..

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Broken heart

Today for the first time in my life I felt heartbroken, as the world will collapse and wanted to disappear forever from the world.

Actually what happened I do not understand this feeling very disturbing, even I do not really like him, but why when he was in love with another woman I feel depressed? if I had fallen in love with him without me realizing it? or am I expecting too much for a relationship that can not happen? unrequited love.

Finally I can understand why a broken heart can make someone change. This experience makes the colors in my life, this is one way of my thinking, so I can move forward to continue my life.

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